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Lesen Sie hier alles zum Präsenzstudium Supply Chain Management mit Abschlussziel Master of Science (M.Sc.). Der Studiengang wird angeboten vom Anbieter Constructor University mit Sitz in Bremen. Fragen zum Studium? Nutzen Sie die Studienberatung und schreiben Sie Ihre Frage oder Bewertung unten in die Kommentare.

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Anbieter Constructor University, Universität mit Sitz in Bremen
Fachrichtung WirtschaftswissenschaftenLogistik
Abschluss Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Dauer 4 Semester
ECTS 120 Credit-Points
Unterrichtssprache Englisch
Studieninhalte Adv. Project, Quality & Risk Management, SCM and Logistics, Big Data Challenge, Applied Modeling & Simulation, Programming in Python, Language, Communicating and Presenting, Trends & Challenges in SCM, Adv. Supply Chain Management, Purchasing & Distribution, Supplv Chain Engineering, Research Methods, Mandatory Electives (Data Analytics in SCM, Principles of Consulting, Supply Chain Finance, Smart Cities and Transport. Concepts), Research Project, Programming in R, Master Thesis
Studienort Bremen
Kursstart Wintersemester
ab 10000 € Semesterbeitrag
ab 40000 € insgesamt
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Candidates who wish to enter the Supply Chain Management program should have a BSc/BA degree or equivalent (minimum three years of study). Applications need to include the following documents:

Letter of motivation Curriculum Vitae (CV) University transcript in English or German Bachelor’s Degree Certificate or equivalent (may be handed in later) Two letters of recommendation from academic referees or industry professionals English language proficiency test certificate (not required if English was the language of instruction at the undergraduate level)


The ability to manage global and digitalized supply chains is fundamental to success in the global economy. Thus, the program perfectly matches needs within industry and beyond. The two-year MSc program trains for the growing field of design and management of supply chains. The program is aimed at students with an already completed first-degree, or equivalent training, in logistics, economics, engineering, or information technology, and for those who can prove a special affinity for the topic. The successful completion of the studies leads to earning an internationally acknowledged Master of Science (MSc) degree and enables a quick career entry in the area of Supply Chain Management in a national or international context. In a business world marked more and more by globalization, complexity, and flexibility, the curriculum aims to teach modern leadership
and management competencies from the base of intercultural competence.

Besides core topics related to logistics and supply chain management. students will have a range of courses related to data analytics and programming languages. Career-related soft and foreign language skill courses round off the program.


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