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Informieren Sie sich hier ausführlich über das Studium Business Management zum Master of Arts (M.A.). Es handelt sich um ein Präsenzstudium. Der Studiengang ist postgradual und wird angeboten von der Hochschule Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management in Mannheim.


Hochschule  Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management
Fachrichtung  Wirtschaftswissenschaften, International Management
Art  Präsenzstudium
Abschluss  postgradual, Master of Arts (M.A.), konsekutiv
Studienort  Mannheim

International Corporate Governance, Theory-Driven Work in Management, System-Oriented Management, Project Management, Applied Organisational Communication, Optional Foreign Language Course (Spanish), Processes and Process Management, Global Leadership and Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture, Change and Innovation Management, Internship or Research Project, Digital Business, E-Business and Industry 4.0, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Predictive Modelling, specific focus


IT Management, International Sales Management, HR Management

Unterrichtssprache  Deutsch
ECTS  90 ECTS-Punkte werden erworben
Dauer  3 Semester
Studienbeginn  Wintersemester und Sommersemester
Kosten monatlich ab 650 EUR
Kosten gesamt ab 11700 EUR
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Before joining the master programme in international management, you must have a bachelor’s degree. If your bachelor’s degree gained you the equivalent of 210 ECTS of which at least 30 were business studies related, then you can directly join the master’s in international management and finish your studies in only 3 semesters.
With 180 ECTS or if you lack the 30 ECTS in business, you can first enrol in a pre-semester course to gain the necessary 30 ECTS. If your 180 ECTS include the 30 ECTS in business, then the missing 30 ECTS can be obtained through a semester abroad in your third semester. The whole master’s programme, with either the pre-semester or the semester abroad, will then take 4 semesters. Applicants who already have 210 ECTS including 30 ECTS in business can spend a semester abroad voluntarily.
For this English track master’s in international management programme, non-native speakers of English need to certify language skills on at least B2 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This can be certified by a German Abitur or any common language test, such as e.g. TOEFL or IELTS. Additional German skills are recommended. For the German track programme, language skills on C1 level are necessary.

Über den Studiengang

If you are heading for an international career, the Master Business Management in English is the ideal master's programme for you. It equips you with management tools and theories for an international setting. Combined with a high practical orientation, you will be able to manage international businesses of all sizes and business areas. Choose one of three specialisations: International Sales Management, HR Management, or IT Management.


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