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In the dual study program Architecture at Germany's largest university, you systematically engage with topics such as urban planning, landscape design, and European urban history. Additionally, you delve into subjects like Sustainable Construction or Real Estate Management. Over 7 semesters of regular study time, theory and practice regularly alternate, such as on a weekly basis. And the study fees, your practice partner covers them!

At a Glance

University IU International University of Applied Sciences, UAS based in Erfurt
Field of Study Engineering SciencesArchitecture
Degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Duration 8 Semesters
ECTS 180 Credit Points
Language of Instruction German
Course contents Construction - Basics, Designing: Basics, Practical Project Building Theory (Portfolio): Basics, Basics of Building Materials Science, History of Architecture I, Designing: Residential Construction, Practical Project Building Theory (Portfolio): Living, Construction: Timber Construction, Designing: Public Buildings, Practical Project Building Theory (Portfolio): Public Buildings, History of Architecture II, Construction Systems, Designing: Office and Industrial Buildings, Practical Project Building Theory (Portfolio): Office and Industrial Buildings, Landscaping, Designing: Urban Planning, Practical Project (Portfolio): Typologies of Urban Architectures, Building Services, Building Physics, Designing: Building with Existing Structures, Practical Project Building Theory: Special Building Concept, Structural Design and Calculation, Private and Public Building Law, Cost and Schedule Planning, Architectural Theory, Elective Module, Preparation for Bachelor Thesis: Basic Investigation, Bachelor Thesis Architecture
Electives Building with existing structures, Sustainable Construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Real Estate Management
Location Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Stuttgart
Enrollment Winter or summer semester
More Info
  • dual study without tuition fees at Germany's largest university
  • no Numerus Clausus, no access restrictions
  • over 15,000 practice partners in more than 30 cities from Berlin to Munich
  • interesting specializations, such as Sustainable Building and Real Estate Management
  • start of studies always in the winter semester and summer semester, depending on the location

These are the requirements for the Bachelor of Architecture

With your Bachelor's degree in Architecture, you can work, for example, in the public sector, in architectural and planning offices, or in companies in the construction and real estate industry.

You can be admitted to the dual study program at IU International University if you have either a Abitur (general qualification for university entrance), a specialized high school diploma, or a subject-restricted university entrance qualification.

In addition, you can also study Architecture without Abitur. For the dual study program without Abitur, you need to have completed an advanced training course, such as becoming a Certified Business Administrator, or have a master craftsman's certificate. Alternatively, you have completed a vocational training and have worked full-time for at least 3 years after completing this training.

In order to study Architecture, in addition to your university entrance qualification according to § 68 paragraph 2 ThürHG, it also needs to be checked whether this design-oriented study fundamentally suits you. We are happy to advise you on this topic and support you in the further course of your application with useful tips on how to demonstrate your design aptitude in the design aptitude test.

These are the study contents in the dual degree program Architecture

This Bachelor's program at IU comprises approximately 32 modules, which you will attend and complete over 8 standard semesters. Each module is worth 5-10 credit points (ECTS) and concludes with an examination performance such as a term paper or an exam. In total, you will accumulate 180 credit points from module to module and from semester to semester.

The typical course schedule for full-time studies in Architecture looks as follows:

  • 1st Semester: Building Construction - Basics, Design: Basics, Building Doctrine Practice Project (Portfolio): Basics
  • 2nd Semester: Basics of Building Materials Science, Building History I, Design: Residential Construction, Building Doctrine Practice Project (Portfolio): Residential
  • 3rd Semester: Building Construction: Timber Construction, Design: Public Buildings, Building Doctrine Practice Project (Portfolio): Public Buildings
  • 4th Semester: Building History II, Construction Systems, Design: Office and Industrial Construction, Building Doctrine Practice Project (Portfolio): Office and Industrial Buildings
  • 5th Semester: Open Space Planning, Design: Urban Planning, Practice Project (Portfolio): Typologies of Urban Architectures
  • 6th Semester: Building Technology, Building Physics, Design: Building with Existing Structures, Building Doctrine Practice Project: Special Building Concept
  • 7th Semester: Structural Engineering and Dimensioning, Private and Public Building Law, Cost and Time Planning, Architectural Theory, Elective Module
  • 8th Semester: Elective Module, Preparation of Bachelor Thesis: Basic Investigation, Bachelor Thesis Architecture

What's special about the Bachelor's program in Architecture at IU are the many opportunities to specialize in topics according to your own interests and professional fields in the elective area. As a specialization, you can choose from these exciting modules: Building with Existing Structures, Sustainable Building, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Real Estate Management.

How to Find Your Practical Partner in the Dual Study Program

Job Interview
Upon request, you can participate in a free application training with IU International University.

Having the right practical partner is crucial for a successful dual study program in Architecture. With a network of over 15,000 practical partners nationwide, IU International University helps you find a suitable practical partner.

Here's how to find your practical partner for the dual study program in Architecture with IU:

  1. You apply online through the IU website. With your application, you submit your documents such as a resume and your latest transcript.
  2. You participate in an Online Info Session via the IU application portal. During the info session, the study advisory team explains everything about the dual study program, admission, and finding a practical partner.
  3. Upon request, you undergo a free application training to prepare you for applications in potential companies.
  4. Together with you, the study advisory team assists in finding the right practical partner. The university either connects you with a company from its extensive network or contacts your desired company on your behalf.

Cities Offering the Architecture Study Program

With over 35 study locations throughout Germany, IU International University covers dual study programs in all disciplines across the country.

Currently, the university offers the dual study program in Architecture in 4 cities, namely Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, and Berlin.

On campus, you will attend your lectures and seminars. In the lounge area, you can interact with your fellow students. Depending on the city, you may also have access to the canteens, cafeterias, and libraries of other universities – for example, at the Berlin campus.

Advisory Service

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