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The Bachelor's degree program in Social Management provides students with the expertise and skills to manage and lead social organizations and institutions. Students learn about both the economic and social aspects of work in the social sector and gain abilities in areas such as project management, personnel administration, and financial planning. Graduates can work in various areas of social services, such as social and elderly care, the healthcare industry, or nonprofit organizations. The program thus offers a wide range of career opportunities for those interested in working in the social sector.

At a Glance

University IU International University of Applied Sciences, UAS based in Erfurt
Field of Study Social SciencesSocial Management
Degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Duration 6 Semesters
ECTS 180 Credit Points
Language of Instruction German
Course contents Collaborative work, Introduction to academic work, Business administration, Sociology, Social economy, Law, Psychology, Marketing, Cost and performance accounting, Social management, Statistics, Economics and market, Human resources, Social history, Philosophy, Ethics, Investment and financing, Social law, Public and nonprofit management, Intercultural management, Work and organizational psychology, Social policy, Public law, Fundraising, Personal skills, Project management, Business ethics, Current topics in social management, Elective module A, Elective module B, Elective module C, Business management, Financing and controlling in social economy, Bachelor's thesis
Electives Management in social institutions, leadership in associations and at the carrier level, Social Entrepreneurship
Location online
ZFU Approval The Central State Office for Distance Learning (ZFU) has approved the course Social Management under the number 174118.
Enrollment Anytime
from 259 € monthly
from 15063 € total
More Info
  • flexible distance learning without any on-site attendance at Germany's largest university
  • study start possible anytime, no semester-based system
  • no numerus clausus, no admission restrictions
  • interesting specializations, such as management in social institutions

These are the requirements for the Bachelor's in Social Management

With your Bachelor's in Social Management, you can work, for example, as a social manager in care facilities.

To be admitted to the part-time distance learning program in Social Management at IU International University, you must have either a high school diploma (general higher education entrance qualification), a subject-restricted university entrance qualification, or a specialized university entrance qualification.

In addition, you can also study Social Management without a high school diploma. To be admitted to the IU distance learning program without a high school diploma, you must have completed an advanced professional training, such as being a certified business economist, or have a master craftsman certificate. You can also be admitted if you have completed a vocational training and have worked full-time for at least 3 years following this training.

These are the study contents in the online study program Social Management

This Bachelor's degree at IU consists of around 30 modules that you will take and complete over the course of 6 semesters of regular study time. Each module is worth 5-10 credits (ECTS) and concludes with an examination such as a term paper or an exam. In total, you will earn 180 credits from module to module and from semester to semester.

The typical course schedule for full-time studies in Social Management looks as follows:

  • Semester 1: Collaborative Work, Introduction to Academic Work, Business Administration, Sociology, Social Economics, Law
  • Semester 2: Psychology, Marketing, Cost and Performance Accounting, Social Management, Statistics, Economics and Markets
  • Semester 3: Human Resources, Social History, Philosophy, Ethics, Investment and Financing, Social Law, Public and Nonprofit Management, Intercultural Management
  • Semester 4: Work and Organizational Psychology, Social Policy, Public Law, Fundraising, Personal Skills, Project Management
  • Semester 5: Business Ethics, Current Topics in Social Management, Elective Module A, Elective Module B, Elective Module C
  • Semester 6: Business Management, Financing and Controlling in Social Economics, Bachelor Thesis

What sets the Bachelor's degree program in Social Management at IU apart are the many opportunities to specialize in specific topics based on personal interests and professional fields in the elective area.

As the first specialization, you can choose from these exciting modules: Leadership in Social Institutions, Management in Associations and Organizations, Social Entrepreneurship.

For the second specialization, you can select one of these study modules: Business Controlling, Health Economics Specialization, Health Care Management, Hospital Management, Leadership in Social Institutions, Management in Associations and Organizations, Online and Social Media Marketing, Human Resources Specialization, Nursing Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Services for Adults I.

For the third specialization, you can enroll in one of these modules: Advanced Leadership, Applied Sales, Business Consulting, E-Commerce, Facility Management, Foreign Languages, Sign Language, Real Estate Management, International Management, International Marketing and Branding IT Management, Project Management Specialization, Enterprise Resource Management, Negotiation, General Studies, Corporate Finance.

How Flexible is the Standard Study Period in Distance Learning for Social Management

At IU International University, in the part-time distance learning program, you choose from 3 study models:

  • In the full-time program, the standard study period is 6 semesters or 36 months. You can extend the standard study period by up to 2 semesters or 12 months at no additional cost. The full-time program in Social Management is particularly suitable for those who are not employed or work only a few hours per week.
  • In part-time program I, the standard study period is 8 semesters or 48 months. You can extend the standard study period by up to 2 semesters or 12 months at no additional cost. Part-time program I is suitable, for example, if you work part-time alongside your studies.
  • In part-time program II, the standard study period is 12 semesters or 72 months. You can extend the standard study period by up to 2 semesters or 12 months at no additional cost. Part-time program II is particularly suitable if you are heavily involved professionally alongside your distance learning.

By the way, you can also take a semester off during the course of your studies at no additional cost.

How does online studying at IU work?

A study program that adapts to your life: In online studies at IU, you learn flexibly and digitally when and where you want to learn.

In the Distance Learning program in Social Management at IU International University, there is no mandatory attendance – you will continuously learn from home, in the library of your choice, or wherever you can best learn.

You can take your modules and courses when you want. This way, you can usually put together your study plan and semester schedule flexibly by yourself.

Central to the IU Distance Learning program are your interactive study scripts. The scripts are available to you both in printed form and digitally as PDF and for tablets. Through the smart app IU Learn, you will have access to the scripts for your Social Management studies as well as scripts from all other distance learning programs at IU.

Through myCampus, the online campus of IU, you also have access to additional materials, such as videos. You will interact with your lecturers and fellow students, for example, in virtual live formats, through interactive courses.

And exams? You can choose to take them as online exams. You can take an online exam at any time, once you feel sufficiently prepared for the study material. Alternatively, you can take the exam at one of the numerous exam centers of IU throughout Germany.

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