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Informieren Sie sich hier ausführlich über das Studium Mathematics zum Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). Es handelt sich um ein Präsenzstudium. Der Studiengang ist grundständig und wird angeboten von der Hochschule Jacobs University in Bremen.


Hochschule  Jacobs University
Fachrichtung  Naturwissenschaften
Art  Präsenzstudium
Abschluss  grundständig, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Studienort  Bremen
Unterrichtssprache  Englisch
Praxissemester  Praxissemester vorgesehen
Auslandssemester Auslandssemester vorgesehen
ECTS  180 ECTS-Punkte werden erworben
Dauer  6 Semester
Studienbeginn  Wintersemester
Semesterbeitrag 10000 EUR
Mehr Infos Hochschulprofil Jacobs University


Please apply online via The following documents are required:
High school/university recommendation(s)
High school / university transcript(s) (last 2–3 years)  
Educational history form
Standardized test results: SAT / ACT (waiver if applicable)
Proof of English proficiency (waiver if applicable)
Application Deadlines
Early Decision November 1
Early Action December 1
Early Action II February 1
Rolling Admission
June 1 – Students who require a visa  
July 20 – EU students  / students who do not require a visa

Über den Studiengang

Mathematics as a fundamental science ranges from algebra, analysis, geometry, and topology to applications of immediate practical importance, for example, modeling fluids using partial differential equations. Mathematics often finds intriguing practical applications in surprising areas: number theory is used in cryptography, dynamical systems and wavelets are successfully employed in engineering, and mathematical game theory was the basis for economic research that’s been awarded a Nobel prize. The program also includes elements of applied and computational mathematics. Math students at Jacobs University participate in research groups together with graduate students and faculty, and many have even written research articles. One key element in our education is that we do not just teach courses to students, but accompany them as individuals throughout their education and help them achieve (or even identify) their personal goals. The program was highly ranked in the CHE Rankings 2018 for its great study support.


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