International Business Administration

Jacobs University

Informieren Sie sich hier ausführlich über das Studium International Business Administration zum Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). Es handelt sich um ein Präsenzstudium. Der Studiengang ist grundständig und wird angeboten von der Hochschule Jacobs University in Bremen.


Hochschule  Jacobs University
Fachrichtung  Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Betriebswirtschaft
Art  Präsenzstudium
Abschluss  grundständig, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Studienort  Bremen

Introduction to International Business, Introduction to Finance and, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Applied Project Management, International Strategic Management, Digital Transformation and Information Economy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Marketing, Organization and Human Resource Management, Lean Management, Managerial Accounting —, Contemporary Topics in Marketing, Advanced Econometrics, Managing Public and Nonprofit Organizations, Information Economics, Internship / Startup and Career Skills, Bachelor Thesis and Seminar, Jacobs Track, Methods and Skills Modules, Big Questions Modules, Community Impact Project, Language Modules


Lean Management, Managerial Accounting, Contemporary Topics in Marketing, Advanced Econometrics, Managing Public and Nonprofit Organizations, Information Economics

Unterrichtssprache  Englisch
Praxissemester  Praxissemester vorgesehen
Auslandssemester Auslandssemester vorgesehen
ECTS  180 ECTS-Punkte werden erworben
Dauer  6 Semester
Studienbeginn  Wintersemester
Kosten monatlich ab 1667 EUR
Kosten gesamt ab 68000 EUR
Mehr Infos Hochschulprofil Jacobs University


Please apply online via The following documents are required:
High school/university recommendation(s)
High school / university transcript(s) (last 2–3 years)
Educational history form
Standardized test results: SAT / ACT (waiver if applicable)
Proof of English proficiency (waiver if applicable)

Über den Studiengang

The International Business Administration program covers all the essential areas of business and management with an international outlook. Students will develop strategic and practical perspectives on value creation in a globalized, culturally diverse, and technology-driven world. Topics that are emphasized include the management of international firms, the integration of information technology in all business areas, and the influence of the economic and cultural context on business activities. The program teaches an informed, comparative, and critical understanding of common business practices, problems, and values in an international, diverse context. Students will develop the analytical and social skills required to succeed as effective and responsible managers.


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