Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Jacobs University

Informieren Sie sich hier ausführlich über das Studium Robotics and Intelligent Systems zum Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). Es handelt sich um ein Präsenzstudium. Der Studiengang ist grundständig und wird angeboten von der Hochschule Jacobs University in Bremen.


Hochschule  Jacobs University
Fachrichtung  Ingenieurwissenschaften, Elektrotechnik
Art  Präsenzstudium
Abschluss  grundständig, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Studienort  Bremen

Introduction to Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Programming in C and C++, Algorithms and Data Structures, Introduction to Computer Science, Classical Physics, General Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Machine Learning, RIS Lab, Automation, Embedded Systems, Control Systems, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, RIS Project, Software Engineering, Databases and Web Services, PCB design and measurement automation, Information Theory, Operations Research, Parallel and Distributed Computing


Human Computer Interaction, Marine Robotics, Optimization, Distributed Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Web Application Development, Digital Design, Stochastic Processes, Stochastic Methods Lab

Unterrichtssprache  Englisch
Praxissemester  Praxissemester vorgesehen
Auslandssemester Auslandssemester vorgesehen
ECTS  180 ECTS-Punkte werden erworben
Dauer  6 Semester
Studiengebinn  Wintersemester
Semesterbeitrag 10000 EUR
Kosten gesamt ab 60000 EUR
Mehr Infos Hochschulprofil Jacobs University


Please apply online via The following documents are required:
High school/university recommendation(s)
High school / university transcript(s) (last 2–3 years)
Educational history form
Standardized test results: SAT / ACT (waiver if applicable)
Proof of English proficiency (waiver if applicable)
Application Deadlines
Early Decision November 1
Early Action December 1
Early Action II February 1
Rolling Admission
June 1 – Students who require a visa
July 20 – EU students  / students who do not require a visa

Über den Studiengang

This program covers engineering methods and technologies relevant in making artificial mobile systems independent of permanent human supervision, i.e., that enable mobile systems to autonomous intelligent operations. Application areas include the automotive and transport industries, robotics and automation, communication technologies, marine technology, and logistics. The program also includes transdisciplinary aspects related to the study of processes that enable mobility in intelligent natural systems. Hands-on experience with technical systems and methods in state-of-the-art labs are part of the program.


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