Master in Management

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Informieren Sie sich hier ausführlich über das Studium Master in Management zum Master of Science (M.Sc.). Es handelt sich um ein Präsenzstudium. Der Studiengang ist postgradual und wird angeboten von der Hochschule Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt am Main.


Hochschule  Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
Fachrichtung  Wirtschaftswissenschaften, General Management
Art  Präsenzstudium
Abschluss  postgradual, Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Studienort  Frankfurt
Unterrichtssprache  Englisch
Auslandssemester Auslandssemester vorgesehen
Dauer  4 Semester
Studiengebinn  Wintersemester
Kosten  8125 EUR pro Semester
Mehr Infos Hochschulprofil Frankfurt School of Finance and Management


A first academic degree of at least 180 ECTS, irrelevant of discipline 
Excellent written and spoken English (TOEFL - 90 iBT / IELTS 7.0 or equivalent) or TOEFl ITP (minimum score of 577)
Valid GMAT / GRE score or Frankfurt School Admission Test
Successful admissions interview

Über den Studiengang

Providing young, innovative individuals with the knowledge and expertise to excel in their career, the Master in Management programme has a unique time model and promotes a hands-on learning approach, preparing you for the realities of a career in consulting, digital innovation and a diverse international environment.
Globalisation, customer demands, and technological changes are just some of the factors that highly efficient companies need to deal with.This requires permanent rethinking of structures and business processes in order to maintain competitive, only achievable if management embraces an analytically sound approach to complexity.
To succeed in this environment, you must combine specific knowledge with a holistic approach. Our Master in Management programme provides the necessary tools and concepts to kick-start a career in consulting, industry, financial services and beyond.

Fragen und Meinungen

Fragen zum Studium Master in Management? Stellen Sie hier Ihre Frage, auch anonym. Ein Mitarbeiter der Hochschule Frankfurt School of Finance and Management oder die Redaktion wird Ihnen antworten.

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